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14% Drivers Tested Positive For Marijuana In Washington

Shocking news came up on Thursday states that there are multiple people who drive under the influence of marijuana. This happens even when they have kids in the vehicle.

The study was conducted in the areas of Washington where pot consumption is legal. During a roadside test of 2000 drivers in Washington, almost 14% were under the influence of marijuana even when they had kids in the car. These drivers were found positive for THC. This component is known to create marijuana high. In contrary to this, just 2 of the people were found driving under the influence of alcohol when they were having a kid in the car. When breath tested, no one was found to have consumed alcohol above the sanctioned limit. Researchers have informed though THC was found in the body, these drivers were not stoned. The positive test for THC meant that they had recently consumed pot. Still Angela Eichelberger, who is the researcher at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety informed that it is a cause of concern to find people driving under the influence of marijuana.

Angela also informed they do not have a clear view about how many drivers cause accidents when they are under the influence of pot. She informed this is a complicated question to be answered. Most of the times, people who are detected positive in THC test are also under the influence of several other addictive items. She also informed most of the times these are young people, who as seen are generally more prone to car crashes. Angela informs a recent lab study has shown that marijuana consumption can have a negative effect on the driving ability of the user. The threshold of impairment in this regards is yet to be known. Eichelberger also noticed that the form in which marijuana is taken also affects the driving skills of the user.

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