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A Massive Hole In Atmosphere Of Red Planet Is Escaping Its Water Into Space

There is a hole in the atmosphere of the Red Planet that unlocks once in every two years, expelling the Mar’s restricted supply of water into space and throwing away the rest of the water at the poles of the planet. This has been found by a research team having German and Russian scientists who studied the strange activities of water on Mars. The scientists can see from the Earth that in the atmosphere of the Red Planet there is water vapor high and the water is drifting to the Red Planet’s poles. But till now, there was no decent enlightenment for how the planet’s water cycle works, or why the planet that once had abundant of water is now a dry husk.

The existence of water vapor in elevation above the Red planet is wondering because the planet has a central layer of its atmosphere that appears like it should be stopping the water cycle in all. In their study, the researchers wrote, the middle atmosphere of Mars is too cold to withstand water vapor. The research is published on April 16 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. As per the computer imitations, the present study has to do with two atmospheric progressions exclusive to Mars. On our planet, summer in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere are quite alike. But this is totally different when it comes to the Red Planet because the orbit of the planet is much more eccentric when compared to Earth and the orbit is considerably closer to the sun all through its southern hemisphere summer. Thus, summers on that fragment of the Red Planet are much hotter than summers in the Northern Hemisphere.

According to the researchers’ simulations, a gap opens in the middle atmosphere of the Red Planet and it is in between 37 and 56 miles in altitude and hence letting the water vapors to go through and discharge into the higher atmosphere.

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