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Catastrophic Supervolcano Eruption Might Push Mankind To Extinction: NASA

“Defending Human Civilisation From Supervolcanic Eruptions,” a NASA study, claimed that a supervolcano eruption was more expected to take place in the time to come as compared to an asteroid hitting the planet, as per media reports. It claimed: “Supervolcanic eruptions take place more often as compared to a huge comet or asteroid impacts that might have a likewise catastrophic impact on mankind civilization.” researchers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered that impacts from asteroids that are over 2 km in diameter took place “50% as frequently as supervolcanic eruptions.” A supervolcano is categorized as a volcano that is huge enough to cause an eruption that could project over 1000 km3 of elements into the air.

Yellowstone Caldera is categorized as a supervolcano that erupted 60,000 Years back and again 60,000 Years earlier than that. Even though there is no assurance, if the volcano follows a similar pattern then it is now expected for one more eruption. Scientists have discovered that if a super volcano such as Yellowstone did go live, then a “volcanic winter” might result in something that can surpass the “amount of stored food all over the world”.

On a related note, the Kilauea Volcano of Hawaii is causing all types of chaos. Till now, it has wiped out almost 600 houses comprising a neighborhood dubbed as “Vacationland,” rained olivine gems from the sky and entirely filled in Kapoho Bay. Now, its obliteration has been seen by the Sentinel-2B (the ESA Copernicus satellite) in infrared and visible light with some dramatic improvements from Pierre Markuse, the geography and photo enthusiast.

The picture displays lava flowing squarely near Vacationland and Kapoho from the volcano and emptying straight into the sea close to the tidepools and Kapaho village, making a huge cloud of steam. The lava flow itself, which seems to blaze as a bright orange river.

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