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Check BP To Prevent Death From Diabetes Type 2 And Cardio Vascular Disease

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified as diabetes as one of the most frequently found disease among Americans. It is not only severely chronic, but also an expensive for the patient.

The widely faced diabetes is the type 2 diabetes, where the body malfunctions in breaking down the sugar in the body. Here, the process of producing insulin is compromised.

Increased blood sugar and blood pressure, can both lead to heart diseases.

The blood pressure is measured in systolic and diastolic pressure which is the pressure at which the heart beats, and rests, respectively.

According to CDC, 75 million Americans suffer from blood pressure problems, and 100 million suffer from diabetes.

American Heart Association (AHA) suggested in their publication that patients with type 2 diabetes could keep their blood pressure in control to avoid stroke and heart problems.

Currently, researcher J. Bill McEvoy who is a senior investigator states that current focus is on identifying blood pressure calculations ideal for diabetic patients. Latest publication posted that a calculation of 130/80 could prove beneficial.

The study mentioned, observed a staggering 11,000 patients suffering from high blood sugar. The comparison was in terms of the treatment given, against a control group that received some sort of placebo.

The study looked to identify if the discovered treatments were effective beyond the recommended measure of blood pressure. Diabetes is a tricky disease to treat and even study. Numerous deaths, adding up to 800, during this study confirms that. Patients suffered from extensive types of diabetic diseases over the course of this long term study.

Saddening as it is, the study identified that a careful study and moderating of blood pressure can help lower the risks of heart problems and in turn, death.

The control group that received placebo, faced more deaths than those groups that received intensive treatment. This suggests that the treatment is effective to these diabetic patients.

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