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Chrome Extension Restores Algorithmic Canned Responses By Google With Poems

Google conventionally plagues the web with gags related to April Fools on April 1st. But Chris Zubak-Skees (the developer) has beaten the search behemoth at its own game this week using Suggested poems. It is an extension on Chrome that restores algorithmically created canned responses of Google with random lines of poetry.

As Zubak-Skees explains in his thread, the extension is “utterly not” endorsed in any way by Google. But truthfully, his modification is better since it is completely opt-in by needing you to deliberately download an extension on Chrome, and it will essentially be present on the Internet for a while, unlike most of the gags by Google. In addition to this, there is just something exciting about restoring already-fairly bewildering responses of Google with inscrutable flat-out lines of poetry.

At the very least, unlike the infamous “mic drop” April Fools’ joke by Google in 2016, it is unlikely that this one will lead to any apologies from the firm.

On a related note, earlier Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) met with President Trump to talk about ongoing partnerships and contracts with the Government of the US.

“I just had a meeting with President of Google, Sundar Pichai, who is clearly doing quite well,” President Trump claimed to the media in an interview. “He claimed sturdily that he is completely committed to the U.S. Military and not the other way around. We also talked about various things that the firm can do for our nation and political fairness. Meeting concluded very well!”

Sundar Pichai is CEO of Google, which uses “president” as a lower rank in its corporate structure. The company has four regional presidents, all of whom report to Pichai. Additionally, Sergey Brin serves as president of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Google confirmed to the media about the meeting and its subject of discussion.

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