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Deliverymen To Face Competition From Amazon Robots

In late January, one of the biggest name in e-commerce sector announced that it had started testing its delivery robot Scout. This robot had been actively delivering packages to the people in Snohomish County, Washington.

As witnessed by a post made by the Amazon blog Day One, there were a total of six Scout robots in their current fleet. These robots made deliveries only during the daylight hours of the weekends. There is much to learn more about this service as Amazon had not made any public comment over this matter. Until then the future of these Scout robots remained in the shadow.

The implications of these robots were not fully understood yet. It is determined to have a drastic effect on the delivery jobs which are currently performed by human beings. There may be a major change coming for these delivery personnel’s in the upcoming future.

But neglecting the effects this new technology would have over the current service system, United States Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General had made a statement that Americans might just prefer this method of delivery more than they would oppose it. The supporters for these new implementations were found saying that this robot delivery system would offer a greater range of flexibility to the recipients and further reduce the risk of injuries to the delivery personnel. As far as the draw backs of this system are concerned, those currently involved would be at risk of losing their jobs.

But the new system would take a long time to reach that point yet.

It is argued that robotic systems would make it far common for consumers to deny the delivery of the packages by the robots and follow a charge-back, then the conventional method where the UPS personnel would take the signature of the recipients to accept the deliveries.

From a broader perspective the pros and cons in implementing this new system just seem too early to pick up a side just yet, but whatever the case, Deliverymen are bound to face competition from their new companions.

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