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Developing Parachutes For Space A Key Challenge—Report

There was an incident during a trial of parachutes for a commercial crew vehicle. It has increased awareness regarding challenges that are included in building such systems. Therefore, it is required to check properly what are the anomalies and how can they be solved.

This incident took place in House Space subcommittee. NASA, when commented on May 8th 2019 that the parachute system was being developed for Crew Dragon spacecraft of SpaceX and it was unsuccessful in a trial held in April in Nevada. While one out of four parachutes was set up in a way to not open, even the other three failed to open timely. Thus, the test sled fell on the ground with a big hit thereby totally damaging it. Associate administrator at Human Exploration and Operations at NASA, Bill Gerstenmaier commented that the trial had failed. Rep. Mo Brooks clearly said that the parachutes did not open in time because of faulty design.

Bill also said that there has been an investigation in process to look into the matter and check what exactly led to the failure of the trial. They would see if the failure was in the design or in the setup of the trial. SpaceX had however later said in their defense that they had carried out five different tests of parachute-outs which were all successful.

Boeing had uploaded a video on Twitter on May 10 of a parachute trial conducted by them of their own commercial crew vehicle named CST-100 Starliner. Boeing also said that four out of five tests held by them were entirely successful. Spokesman from Boeing said that of the two drogue parachutes, one faced an international failure leading to the failure of the test. Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel have been recently discussing about several issues of parachutes. An ex-astronaut, Sandra Magnus commented that the technicality involved in parachute designing is hard to understand.

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