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Developmental Tests Likely To Diagnose Autism Earlier

An early diagnostics of autism in children can prove fruitful. Recent developments have shown how this can be achieved. It is stated that developmental screenings have the potential to detect signs of autism.

Whitney Guthrie, the lead researcher says that the procedure can help us identify those children who might have autism.

The claims of this co-director of data and statistics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Autism Research says that screening primarily during their 9-18 months can help with recognize the patterns of autism at an early stage. Developmental deceleration is a phenomenon where the normal development of mental processes decline in children. Children projecting this phenomenon are at higher risk of developing autism, according to the study.

Studying from the developmental processes of 32,300 children, Guthrie’s research found that about 10% of children show a declining developmental process. The decline is measured with developmental rate at 9 months, showing a reduction over the next 9 months.

Guthrie observed that motor and verbal skills depleted in these at-risk children which further assured the risk.

The study concluded that traditional practices of detection succeeded on 50% of the times, against 65% of success when the developmental processes were studied. However, the two clubbed together, deliver a staggering 75% success rate in detecting autism; a remarkable advancement in the field.

Although not an assured conclusion to autism, an observable decline in developmental process should be a concern, says Guthrie. Nonetheless, further studies are a must before anything concrete can be declared.

This study was presented on Wednesday, at the International Society for Autism Research (INSAT). Furthermore, the president of INSAT, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen shared an insight suggesting that the developmental processes and study of genetic characteristics can provide a greater knowledge about Autism in the near future. The vision and mission is to someday, not only diagnose, but act upon these findings to help the declining developmental processes, he stated.

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