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Facebook Program Employs Drones To Drive Mobile Data Speed

As fraction of its efforts to elevate connectivity of Internet in regions with insufficient infrastructure, Facebook lately explored methods to employ almost pocket-sized, tiny drones to drive mobile data speeds, as per media report.

The drones were developed to transport “high-density SSDs that could then be employed to ferry info”.

So may be the drones might act as a web network between a user’s handset and a grounded connection to make data transfers with high bandwidth easy, media claimed.

Codenamed “Catalina,” the project was banned a year back, including to the list of aerial Internet programs that the firm banned.

A couple of years back, Facebook banned a tiny helicopter drone project that can provisionally restore cellular services in emergency cases, the media earlier claimed.

The program was banned a few months following being touted in May 2017 at the F8 developer conference.

The concept was to send a helicopter fitted with telecommunications tools hundreds of meters to be capable of tethering to power lines and fiber in regions where wireless connectivity was negotiated owing to different factors.

In June last year, Facebook declared it made a decision to abandon its plan to design solar-powered high-flying drones dubbed Aquila that was planned to offer Internet to almost 4 Billion individuals in remote regions of the globe.

On a related note, Facebook has declared a new function dubbed as “Why am I seeing this post?” The feature will assist you better know the content that displays on your News Feed from Pages, friends, and Groups you like. Apart from this, the feature will also offer you more management over what you view in the News Feed, allowing you simply control the posts on the site you interact with. The firm claims that this is the first time it has developed data on how News Feed ranking operates squarely into the Facebook application.

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