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FCC Seeks Insight On Enhancing The Use Of C Band Spectrum

The C- band spectrum is generally used by the satellites. Now the US Federal Communications Commission(FCC) is looking for detailed inputs on how to expand the use of this spectrum in other domains.

According to a report of 3rd May though the satellite providers expected that the commission will come to a decision regarding this matter in the first half of 2019, the same is not going to happen. FCC had organized a voting to initiate the opening of band for the 5G spectrum in June 2018. Since then it has received several comments on how this can be re-purposed for different other uses. These questions were majorly related to the fact that how FCC is going to handle the matter of employment of the elements related with this mechanism.

FCC received 2 proposals regarding how to go ahead about distributing the 5G rights. While companies like C- Band Alliance have proposed a market based approach, brands like Google and T-Mobile have suggested a spectrum auction. The commission might not opt for any of these proposals. It is even not looking for a hybrid path based on these 2 proposals. FCC needs to also decide on how much of the 500 megahertz available as downlink of 5G spectrum it is ready to re- purpose.

FCC is now looking for new suggestions related to important issues like the enforceability of the rights of the satellite operators in regards to interference protection, whether these are going against the terrestrial signals which have “co-primary” access. The agency is also asking for advice if C- band operators who have their customers in United States should be eligible for these rights. The agency feels these operators might also have the need to be protected from signal interference.

The members of the C- band alliance, namely, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Telesat and SES have US customers.

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