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Google Consumers Can Log Into Edge And Firefox Using Security Key

Till now, you have had to employ Chrome to login to your account on Google with a security key. You will not have to be quite so selective henceforth, although. Google has shifted to employing the new Web Authentication protocol for hardware-supported log-ins, making your key helpful in Edge, Firefox, and other browsers that depend on the protocol. That can be specifically useful if you need to verify your Gmail on an unknown computer and might rather not punch in a password or download Chrome.

There is just one issue: as the process of key registration still depends on the earlier Universal Second Factor protocol, you will have to employ Chrome to include a key to your Google account. It will consume “quite some time” before you can depend entirely on a 3rd-party browser, Christiaan Brand at Google claimed to the media. Yet, that support is almost in development. It may not be too far before you can just assume that your key will operate anywhere there is a Bluetooth connection or spare port.

On a related note, Google has launched the first beta edition of Chrome 74, and it has Windows dark mode support. You will see that the browser will load its theme (darker-colored) automatically if you have turned on “Dark” in the settings of the platform. The mode will change Chrome into a more solemn affair, with coloring that is generally charcoal and a Google icon.

Apart from all this, it seems like Chrome 74 can convert the browser into a better buddy for users who are allergic to motion sickness. It can tell the websites to respect your preferences for OS level when it comes to animations and motion. If you have turned on alternatives such as “Reduce motion” or “Remove animations” on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows, it can make certain that the page you are visiting actually does not play videos that can activate nausea and dizziness.

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