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Google Plans For A Tech Hub For Data Privacy

Google would increase more than twice their privacy experts in Germany because Europe has been searching to increase their regulations on user data and big technological firms. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google has announced in a blog post on May 14, 2019 that they would increase privacy engineers in Munich by twice before the end of 2019, amounting to more than 200. The team would be responsible in working with Google’s global network of experts in privacy for developing products which can be used across the globe.

Pichai also said that it is not by mere accident that they have decided to build the privacy hub at the center of Europe. In a country like Germany, it would be easier to detect how Europeans feel regarding online security, privacy and safety issues. He also said that several products of Google have been build in Munich, like Google Account which helps users take control on privacy settings in association to Google products. This would be one of the biggest milestones of investments in Europe. From 2007, Google has employed more than 750 people in Munich who are from 60 different countries. In 2019, this step would make the employee figure increase to more than 1000 making the Munich a pure global hub in privacy engineering, development of products and research.

Google has also declared a fund of $11.24 million. It is for supporting universities, non-profits and several other organizations throughout Europe who works for maintaining safety of youth on internet and answer back to hate crimes. This step has come after giant tech companies like Facebook had to face critical scrutiny throughout the world. This step has also been taken since Europe has become a challenging market for big tech firms with their increasing regulations. Many governments have also restricted internet firms for concerns on user safety purpose.

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