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IAASS Calls To Speed Up Development Of Safety Standards For Commercial Flights

Noordwijk, Netherlands-based International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS), the nonprofit organization along with its sister concern, the Hudson-based International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF) has come up with a report in March that called for establishing an independent Space Safety Institute for accelerating the development of safety standards of commercial space flights.

The report was sent to NASA, the US General Accounting Office, the Federal Administration, along with a number of other space agencies. It also mentioned that there was a need for an independent administration to help the industry of commercial space flights to prosper and earn the trust of people.

The concept of Space Safety Institute (SSI), which was first formulated in 2013, involves safety experts from all around the world to work alongside government officials to come up with safe environments as trustworthy as the government-sponsored space flights.

The responsibility of maintaining the safety standards can be passed on to the SSI by the Washington-based Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF), with the latter constantly appealing for a voluntary consensus for a universal set of safety standard rules and regulations.

Tommaso Sgobba, the Executive Director of IAASS and the former Safety Office Head of the European Space Agency mentioned that the IAASS has shown concern over the slow development of the approach of the CSF that is purely based on a consensus of the space bodies around the world. However, it is planning to come up with an alternative plan of guiding the space industry forward.

The CSF had joined ASTM International in the year 2016 to form a committee named F47, which will be controlling the commercial space flights. However, Jane Kinney, the director of business operations of CSF has said that though they will welcome IAAS into F47, it should not head the efforts of standard development.

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