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Leading Airlines Face Lawsuits For “Toxic” Cabin Air For Pilots, Crew

Reportedly, five of the UK’s biggest airlines are dealing with a legal action that claims cabin crew and pilots are often exposed to toxic fumes throughout flights. Unite the Union—a British and Irish trade union—stated that a legal notice has been delivered in 51 cases, the mass of which is in opposition to British Airways. Thomas Cook, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, and Jet2 are also put through the legal action for “aerotoxic syndrome.” The airlines stated that earlier studies discovered no proof of long-term illness occurring from cabin air quality. The Unite union—which speaks for airline staff—claimed that crew and pilots are exposed to recurrent “fume incidents” when air drawn into the jet becomes polluted by the toxic compound.

The union reports the fumes—which instigated from the oil utilized to smear the jet engines—comprise OP (organophosphates) and TCP (tricresyl phosphates), and that long-term encounter can cause chronic life-threatening and ill-health conditions. Howard Beckett—Unite’s Assistant General Secretary—said, “Self-governing expertise evidence concludes that air onboard jet planes could have a toxic mixture of chemical compounds that can possibly injure the nervous system and might cause chronic irreversible health issues in inclined individuals.” British Airways responded, “The airline industry cannot persist to conceal from the problem of contaminated cabin air while putting the safety and health of aircrew at risk.”

Recently, Virgin Atlantic was in news for starting code sharing with Air France-KLM. Reportedly, both the airlines started their first codeshare agreement. The association came a few weeks following European regulators sanctioned Air France-KLM’s 31% attainment of Virgin Atlantic. Under the codeshare agreement, Virgin Atlantic would affix its policy to Air France flights functioning from six UK airports to France’s Charles de Gaulle airport plus Air France’s flights from Paris to North American destinations.

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