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Lego To Launch Braille Bricks In 2020 To Help Visually Impaired Kids Learn

The toy production company Lego has unveiled its new project which is made for helping visually impaired and blind children so that they can learn Braille with fun.

Braille Bricks by Lego is a concept which came in front of Toy Company through two charities, using and playing with it will teach children to touch written material with fun. In an interview, the company said that in 2020, those bricks which are going to get launched will have features of studs used for Braille alphabet characters and will also have printed characters which will allow sighted people in reading the bricks. The sighted kids will be completely compatible with Lego bricks.

This concept was first suggested in the year 2011 by the Danish Association which works for blind and after that, it was proposed in the year 2017 by DNF of Brazil.

A spokesperson of Lego said that their company had been working on developing prototypes with two charity organizations. The final Braille bricks set will contain 250 bricks approximately, which will contain numbers, alphabets, math symbols, and inspirational and interactive games.

The current testing of Braille Bricks is undergoing in English, Danish, Portuguese and Norwegian versions in schools and the German, Spanish and French versions are planned to be tested at the end of this year.

These toys will be distributed free to schools and institutions with the help of charity organizations.

The treasurer of EBU, Philippe Chazal said that due to the presence of many computer programs and audio books, fewer children are learning reading Braille.

Chazal continued and said that Braille is important to learn as its users are much independent, its users have better opportunities in career and also have a high level of knowledge.

He said that their team strongly believes that Braille Bricks of Lego will help a lot in boosting the interest level in kids for learning Braille. That’s why their team is thrilled to know that Lego is bringing this concept in front of the whole world.

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