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Life Threatening Arotic Valve May Take Years To Develop

There are a lot of people struggling with the heart related problems world over. One more heart disease is becoming cause of concern with its slow pace of growth can result into death of the person. An expert told that Aortic Valve Stenosis, as it’s called can take years to emerge as a disease capable of putting human lives at risk.

It’s basically caused by the narrowing or the thinning of the aortic valve which restricts blood to flow properly to the largest artery in the body called aorta from the left ventricle in the heart. Such resistance of the blood in reaching Aorta even causes pressure problems in the left atrium.

Dr. Mark Kozak, who is a cardiologist, told that valve may not worsen real quick but takes time to get into a worst form which puts human life on the verge of death. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to stay in contact with a Cardiologist and alert about one’s body. A person can take notice of the symptoms like passing out, pain in the chest along with shortness of the breath. The aforesaid symptoms will not start suddenly but will develop over a period of time.

Kozak also added that these symptoms should be taken seriously. If one keeps noticing these symptoms getting developed, it should be fore mostly treated. AVS may even cause death if left untreated.

The treatment which is the only ray of hope for this Valve Stenosis is the Valve replacement. Lately, doctors are using a valve replacement procedure which is invasive in lesser amounts by using a technique with catheter named as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.

It was also advised for the patients with AVS to exercise so that they can remain fit for surgeries if required. It also helps doctors to keep track of their symptoms and associated progress.

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