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Loft Orbital Books Jan 2020 Space Flight—Report

Loft Orbital is an organization which is preparing for a constellation. This will help customers carry payloads. These are the customers who are unwilling to have their own satellites. Loft Orbital has filled its 1st satellite. The satellite is supposed to be launched in the month of January of 2020. The launch will take place through the Spaceflight Industries.

The company is based out at San Francisco. It is planning to carry 5 customer payloads on its debut mission. The mission has been named as Yam- 2 satellite. This information was provided by the operations head and the co- founder of the company, Alex Greenberg. He also informed that Greenberg said Yam- 2 will be launched aboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from India to low Earth orbit. As per him, Yam- 2 weights a little less than 100 kilos. It is using a chassis manufactured by the Blue Canyon Technologies.

The first customers of Yam- 2 will be Orbital Sidekick, which is a hyper-spectral imaging startup; SpaceChain, which are a block-chain startup and a government agency from United Arab Emirates. Greenberg did not want to disclose the name of the other 2 customers. He just hinted that one of them is an established name in the geostationary satellite operating market.

Pierre-Damien Vaujour, the other founder of Loft Orbital and the head of products department provided information on the second condo-sat. He informed that 85% of the same is filled while 15% of the space of the third condo-sat has been already claimed.

Greenberg informed that they are hoping to have 3-4 satellites in the orbit by end of 2020. He also revealed the meaning of YAM. While the satellite name is a short form of Yet another Mission, the co- founder informed this name exhibits the fact that this mission is the initiation of an escalating launch cadence.

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