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Lyft And Uber Drivers Are Slated To Strike In Many Major Cities

The ride-hailing drivers plan to strike in many cities and it is going to happen in advance of the Uber’s highly awaited Wall Street debut. The strikes are projected to occur across some of the major cities of the United States along with some parts of the United Kingdom, South America, and Australia. As per the drivers taking part in the strike, they aim to direct a message to the company and its competitors that they want job security, livable incomes and controlled fares, surrounded by other demands. In Los Angeles and San Diego, drivers are scheduled to stop working for complete one day. In Atlanta, the drivers are planning to stop the ride-hail applications for 12 hours, whereas, in New York City, the workers have slated a two-hour strike from 7 am to 9 am, which are the peak hours.

Along with powering off their apps, the drivers will also hold gatherings held in planned places, such as in front of the company’s local offices. The combined action comes just after the recent March strike in numerous cities of California over the pay cuts and this has happened before Lyft went public. Rideshare Drivers United have organized that strike and it is a group that activists for Los Angeles-based workers. Rideshare Drivers United has slated the upcoming protest, and several more local groups have declared about similar strikes in unity.

It is anticipated to be the largest internationally harmonized effort against the ride-hailing companies. Workers are pushing hard for good behavior and better settings, but the exact demands differ by organizing groups. For Rideshare Drivers United, they comprise of an elected driver representative that is added to the boards of Lyft and Uber and has a 10% commission control on driver pays, presenting an hourly least pay as that of New York City.

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