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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Of NASA Completed 60,000 Orbits Around Red Planet

NASA reported that its Prolific Mars Orbiter completed 60,000th round around the red planet. MRO (Mars reconnaissance orbiter) is successfully rotating around the red planet from last 13 years and collects important data about the red planet surface and its atmosphere. Prolific Mars Orbiter provides new point of view about the red planet to public and scientists.

The MRO Mission starts in August 2005 and the orbiter enters in the orbit of red planet in March 2006. It took 112 minutes for the MRO to complete one lap around Mars. It rotates at a speed about 2 miles per second, which is approximately 3.4km per second. According to NASA report, in last week, on 15 May, it completed 60,000th Lap at EDT 1.39pm which is 18.39 GMT. MRO continuously captures the surface images of Mars and sends the imported discoveries along with it to Earth. They provide about 361 TB data from Mars to Earth. It also consistently monitors the weather condition on Mars with the use of high resolutions imaging science experiment camera (HIRISE) and sends a daily report to earth. MRO studies the dynamic atmosphere of the red planet and massive dust storms on the mars with the help of the Mars climate sounder instrument and the Red planet color image camera. The ground-based spacecraft communicator helps to communicate with MRO, which then sends data back to Earth from the Deep Space Network antennas of NASA.

After this successful Mars mission, American President Trump declared that white house will provide $ 1.6 billion to NASA for the new plan of Moon. These funds will definitely accelerate their plan but are not enough so they told companies to invest money in it. They are going to send the first women on the moon surface by 2024.

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