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Microsoft Cuts Huawei Laptop From Store, Stays Quiet On Windows Ban

Microsoft seems ready to be the newest in a long queue of US-based tech firms that are obeying with new executive order from President Trump to onslaught on Chinese tech firms. Google slashed Android license for Huawei this week, but Microsoft has remained quiet on whether it will stop the Chinese firm from getting Windows licenses. The media reached out to Microsoft various times for answer, but it has declined to provide any word on the matter.

The MateBook X Pro by Huawei is one of the best Windows devices accessible in the US currently, but without a license for Windows, it is no longer a feasible choice to the HP Spectre x360 or Apple’s MacBook Pro and even the own Surface series by Microsoft. The company seems to have stopped trading MateBook X Pro at the its online shop, as well.

A listing for the MateBook X Pro disappeared strangely last week, and hunting for any Huawei device gives no results at the website. You can still get the laptop listing in last week’s Google Cache, although. The media knows that Microsoft retail shops are still trading current MateBook X Pro devices they have in stock.

The potential Windows ban by Microsoft could also impact server solutions of Huawei. Huawei and Microsoft both work on a hybrid cloud solution for Azure stack of Microsoft, employing Microsoft-approved Huawei servers. Qualcomm and Intel will also require following the newest US government rule.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that it is attempting to head off one more WannaCry-akin virus outbreak before it begins. The software behemoth has launched fixes for a Terminal Services (aka Remote Desktop Services) flaw that can let “wormable” malware that distributes from PC to PC without needing any input. The exploit impacts Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and older launches.

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