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Mineral Enriched Drinking Water Linked To Reduced Blood Pressure

As per details of a fascinating research study reported in Journal of American Heart Association, drinking water rich in minerals could help to bring down blood pressure. The study was based on research on a study group located in coastal area of Bangladesh that drinks high saline water and has low blood pressure. But drinking water sources in that region had varying degrees of salinity in the region due to seawater influx. Though saline water can raise blood pressure due to presence of sodium it can also control it due to presence of calcium and magnesium in the water.

According to lead author Abu Mohammed Naser a postdoctoral student in Rollins School of Public Health attached to Atlanta’s Emory University, both magnesium and calcium are highly beneficial and negate the effects of sodium. As per a study published in Circulation in 2016 around 1.39 billion people are living with hypertension regarded as preventable cause of early death in the world. The disease if persistent can lead to heart damage and stroke along with several other health issues. As per CDC figures there were 75 million high blood pressure cases in the nation during 2014 which led to nearly 410,000 deaths.

Naser’s team noted that majority of people that live in coastal regions depend on ground water for drinking purposes and a fifth of them are in areas where saltwater  seeps into the ground leading to mineralization of drinking water. They studied data from two tracking sources of people living in the coastal region of Bangladesh. The water measurements covered varying seasonal changes like monsoon, summer and winter when there would be drastic changes in water salinity. The study revealed that people that drank mildly saline water had more sodium in their urine as a result of which their systolic blood pressure was also high. The same people also had high levels of calcium and magnesium which is associated with low systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

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