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NASA Selects 3 Winning Ideas To Compress Trash In Space

NASA has chosen3 great ideas for safe space cleaning at its international station. There were several ideas which were submitted to the agency as a part of competition. These were related to the compression of debris in space without creating any major fuss.

Astronauts have extremely less amount of space to stay in the space station. On the other hand, the released wastage in the space is a constant threat to the passing spacecrafts and space objects. For this reason, NASA partnered with NineSigma to create a competition known as Recycling in Space Challenge. The competition was open to the public. They were supposed to inform the agency ways in which the trash can be processed and fed in the high temperature reactor. Using these ideas, NASA can develop ways in which its Advanced Exploration Systems and the technology department can transform the waste into usable gas.

Three people came out as winners in this challenge. The awards were received by

Aurelian Zapciu—This Romanian citizen won $10,000. The winner suggested a Waste Pre Processing Unit. The system will have space friendly features. It will also have ejectors which will be cam- actuated. Cam actuators have a metal piece which rotates or slides to push the waste through the mechanical system. After this, there will be another process which will push the waste into the reactor. Zapciu ranked 1st for this idea.

Derek McFall—This American citizen came 2nd in the challenge. He has suggested a Microgravity Waste Management System. This equipment utilizes a hopper which can handle solid form of waste. It will also have pressurized air stream which will control liquid waste and gaseous waste.

Ayman Ragab Ahmed Hamdallah from Egypt also emerged as the 2nd winner in the competition. He suggested appliance use air jet to compress the trash before it goes into the system.

Both the 2nd winners have been awarded with $2500.

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