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Samsung Supposedly Has Various VR And AR Devices On The Way

It seems that Samsung aims to roll out a couple of new headsets in the months to come, as per a company official. The executive claimed that the firm aims to roll out “various VR and AR device” and that it might involve its stagnated Gear product series.

The media reports mentioned director of developer relations for gaming and XR at Samsung, Farshid Fallah, who spoke at the Augmented World Expo at a panel in Santa Clara, California last week. Fallah claimed about the firm’s wider efforts with its Gear headset, VR, and about the AR abilities of the firm’s Galaxy S10 handset.

Samsung appears to have majorly put its Gear device on freeze, as it has not got any upgrades since 2017. But as per media, Fallah clued that the firm might have more life before it when it comes to VR and AR, claiming that “we have other pipeline for Gear,” even though he did not expound further. Samsung has launched other VR devices in months to come, but those are accessible at a much higher cost point.

On a related note, a momentous thing took place last week in New York City: They’re finally resolving the subway issue! Just kidding, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) is launching out contactless transactions for specific bus lines and stations. People already knew that payment systems by Google, Apple, and Fitbit might each be supported, and now the media claimed that Samsung is a-go as well.

If the press release by Samsung appears light on details, then that is because it is the MTA that is charting a course toward a new network that only employees contactless transaction techniques. The organization’s plan is dubbed as OMNY, or One Metro New York, and last week’s restricted roll-out shows just one early action.

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