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Space Adventure, Lunar Tourist Arrive At An Settlement

Space Adventures, a company of space tourism has come into a settlement of a lawsuit that was brought two years ago by someone who had signed up for company’s future mission of moon but had later asked for a refund of the money he had deposited. As per the filings of the court, Harald McPike, who had filed the suit, was dismissed by the District Court of US for Eastern District (Virginia) on April 18. The dismissal followed after two sides had reached upon a settlement during a meeting on March 28 with a judge. Terms of settlement are not stated in the filing.

Space Adventures’ spokesperson has confirmed on April 26 that suit was settled by the company, but he declined commenting. Clare Locke LLP, the law firm that represented in the suit McPike declined to comment. The Austrian adventurer and businessman McPike who resides in Bahamas, has filed the suit in 2017 and had sought to get back his $7 million deposit to Space Adventures that he had paid for the $150 million seat on Soyuz mission which would be going around moon and for additional damages. The suit’s defendants included the president of the company Tom Shelley, Space Adventures and company’s chief executive and chairman Eric Anderson. As per the suit, McPike had contacted Space Adventures in 2012 regarding the chances of flying to moon that Space Adventures had promoted for many years.

In 2013, McPike had signed the agreement where he had committed of participating in the mission and he had paid the initial amount of $7 million for the price of $150 million with expectations of the mission taking place in six years. He was on verge of making the other payment of $8 million per year after signing the contract, but he had postponed it due to concerns regarding limited progress of the mission.

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