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Space Policy Disrupted—Thanks To A Tweet From The US Prez

On June 7, President Trump suggested that NASA should not be working on going back to moon, disrupting the policies of Space Developments of the past months. The tweet came after Neil Cavuto interviewed Jeff DeWit, the Chief Financial Officer from NASA. The interview comprised the details of the policy of sending humans to the moon in 5 years.

After Cavuto questioned DeWit about still being stuck on moon, the CFO said that they are trying to establish a sustainable environment on moon. But they still are developing and completing technologies that will lead them to Mars.

A day before Trump’s tweet, CNN had an interview with Michael Collins, astronaut of Apollo 11. Collins said that NASA should think of going beyond the moon to Mars, but he made fun of Trump, saying that the President is not aware of Mars as an existing planet.

At a Joint Press Conference with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, Trump said that soon they’ll be going to the moon. Official sources from White House said that they are seeking additional sources so that they can reach the moon by 2024 which will play an important role in reaching Mars after a decade of establishing sustainable life on moon. After four hours of Trump’s tweet, Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA, also tweeted that NASA is using moon to try to send people to Mars.

In the speech he gave at National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Arlington, Virginia, Bridenstine focused more on the political risk that is stopping them to go to the lunar surface again, and not the technological or technical risks. He also said that in order to eliminate political risks, they’ll have to increase their speed and acceleration. The more time they would take to carry out the plan, the more possibility there is that they can get diverted towards something else.

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