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Study Reveals CAR-T Treatment For Cancer Can Be Made Safer With Some Changes

A new form of CAR-T cancer therapy has come up as a new and pretty approach that is likely to bring in dramatic effect in treating cancerous tumors.

In a trial, 25 patients in China, who were subjected to this modified form of the treatment, were benefited and none showed any symptoms of the customary side effects. Studies show that just a little fiddling with the molecules and altering them makes the therapy much safer and more accessible to patients.

CAR-T therapy is conducted by extracting immune cells from the patients, and then doctoring them and making them suitable to take on the cancerous cell, and impart certain compounds into them, making them strong and suitable enough to take part in the natural defensive mechanism of the body.

The new approach, which was taken by Dr. Si-Yi Chen, professor of immunology at Southern California University is often found to have pretty prolonged remissions and is not without questions, though. Though the technique seems to succeed in the short term, whether it is going to work in the long term is still to be seen. This was stated by Dr. Michel Sadelain, who is an immunologist working for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

However, in spite of these questions, this new form of CAR-T treatment is likely to improve the access of the patients looking for treating cancer. CAR-T treatment in its original form is available only at limited and significant cancer treatment centers.  Besides, treating the side effects of the treatment also requires the involvement of experts and prolonged and specialized care. Not all these are available in every community treatment centers and hospitals.

Besides, cost is another important factor to be considered. The cost of this treatment is $370,000 but it does not include the ancillary costs.

The paper that was published in Nature, however, suggested that the new form will put an end to all these problems in the near future.

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