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Twitter Co Founder Says Lot To Be Done To Curb Abuse On The Platform

The co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey said that there is a need for doing a lot of work for improving the position of the Twitter platform and minimizing the spread of wrong information and abuses.

Jack said that their firm is planning to dismiss the follow and like options and said while designing twitter they did not have the goal of highlighting these aspects. Their simple motto was to convey authentic information to the public.

He added that recently twitter motivated its users to post their anger towards the wrong things happening in the world. Even they are trying to combine people on the basis of their communities and topics.

He said that if this platform got categorized according to public interests then soon it will become the most successful social media platform.

He asked its users to focus on following trends, communities, and hashtags instead of focusing on any particular person’s account.

He said a huge level of change needs to be done on twitter and accepted the large amounts of abuses done on their platform.

In the same interview, Jack said that 13 years back at the time of their company’s establishment they had not expected that they will have to face the issues like the spread of wrong information, harassment, and manipulations.

He added that keeping these things in a proper authentic manner has become a big problem.

He said that while designing this platform they had thought that the follow and like option will help in getting public reviews and ideas.

Jack said if now they start twitter then they will neither create like an option nor make follow as prominent. It has now become important to check the display of likes and follows.

In the answer of the question asked regarding abuses made to women in their tweets, Mr. Dorsey said it’s a terrible situation to be handled as using our platform, people are getting an open privilege to harass others.

He said that they are now working with artificial intelligence technology to deal with this misinformation and abuses.

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