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UK Restricts Social Media For Under 18—Report

Under the new rules by UK’s data watchdog, there will be a limit on ‘likes’ and ‘streaks’ of the minors i.e. under 18s. These features of Snapchat and Facebook made the kids of the age group under 18 to use it for long hours and also encourage them to share more of their personal data. ICO said that the problem is not just about the features but how they are being used to store data and target the younger audience with advertisements.

This rule has been proposed as a part of the 16rule code. In an interview, the office of Information Commissioner has suggested to social media platforms that there would be no need to completely ban the ‘likes’ if they would stop storing the personal data. ICO has asked the social media networks to include a robust feature for age verification that would ensure successful implementation of the proposed plan.

In order to safeguard the children from nudge techniques, the ICO has advocated the social media firms to make a few must changes in their services. It includes making the privacy settings at ‘high’ by default, proving the guide about how personal data is being used by the company, location tracking should be automatically switched off when the user is not using the application, parental controls to track long hour usage, etc.

ICO has also stated that according to General Data Protection Regulation, the social networking firms that will not abide by the laws will have to bear a fine of 20million or 4% of their total turnover of the year.

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham has also commented on the issue that everything connected to the internet could be tracked down to everyday life. Although people should not completely restrict their kids from using such technology rather they should make sure that while their kids are on it, they are safe and protected and the proposed law effectively follows this condition.

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